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Kate Hensley

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From Interns 2010
From Interns 2010


Intern Kate is... Who?


I am Kate, one of Deanne's interns of present and past. Back in September and October, 2009  I helped collect cattail for thatching the ridge top of the roof of the Oxford Kid's Cottage here on the land, as well as prepared the Strawbale Studio for a felting workshop (for which we used local wool - very beautiful, nearly priceless stuff from Three Roods Farm up north from here). We also thatched the roof and began working on the stone walls for the kid's cottage. The other interns and I harvested lots of apples in the wild orchard in the Strawbale Studio's back property (aka heaven), as well as a very secret spot that, I'll hand it to myself, my spy eye located (I also joyously found a hidden pear tree on the property my last day, ripe with fruits easily falling from the branches to the meadow's floor). And I'm not talking just a couple of barrels of apple harvesting, dozens and dozens of pounds rather. So, we made a lot of different apple concoctions, and indulged in many refillings of the food dryer to store a good bulk supply of dried apples. I learned so much while I was here, and realized there was a potential for learning so much more, that I sensed the need to return before I even left to go back home to Kentucky. During my winter stay I renewed spirit and body, and also enjoyed some elemental activities: plastering on the Rocket Stove heated bench, harvesting reed, fermenting & sprouting, baking bread and chocolate cake, stacking wood, firing up the earth oven and making pizza from scratch for the full moon potluck, and sharing activities and conversation with another intern, Abbie.  In my spare hours here at the studio I've enjoyed building fires in the woodstove, reading in the greenhouse (best  hours are between noon and 4 p.m.), and ultimately finishing a small literary zine called Monolith Magazine, with the virility of Deanne's reliable and steady Singer sewing machine (which stitched the binding).  Once I depart from Oxford, I will make way to Detroit to help with several urban farming projects. Later in the year I plan on making a photo documentary (via a cross-country roadtrip) with my sister and her boyfriend about WWOOF experiences and off-the-grid farms.  ( Kate got a ride into Detroit on Feb 11, 2010 !) 

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