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3/19/10  horn of the moon, growing springtime.  db.


Patterns create comfort, create a context. 

Thursday, “chocolate cake-making day” (brought by intern Kate H.)

Monday, “All house clean”  (Brought by intern  Evan D.)


Many  types of things are accomplished: 


“A Relaxing-Into-a-Knowing”, that the cleaning, the baking, whatever, will get attended to and done each week.  The main decision already made,


 “A Looking-Forward-To”…(in the case of the cake at least!).


“A Giving Shape to the Space of our Life.” Guideposts that define this week, within which we can feel safe, have a sense of focus in a world of potentially unsettling possibilities., competing ideas, unknowns and “muchness”. 


"An Alignment-With" as householders line their schedules and expectations with the patterns we have woven (flexibly) in. 


Patterns are brought into almost all things…religion surely (a certain way to start or end a prayer) , relationships with people: the welcoming hug to a loved-one).  They help us feel secure.


Useful patterning can become . quite .  ridged.  Too pre-formed, too little flexibility and responsiveness required or allowed.  Patterns that do not flow are our description of death.  (yet nothing stops changing, really…as the body decomposes, molecules recycle into life again). 


So then we need the balance of spontaneity, unstructured.  (I believe that “too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing”.) Flexibility is ok.  If we do weekly cleaning 3 x a month, then if we are called off to something else on the 4th Monday of the month, things are still likely to be generally maintained and balanced. 


Static and dynamic and Robert Pirsig lays explores in his book “Lillith”. ….the constant re-balancing between these tendencies in the universe.  And if we do not understand that there will always be the static (rules of various kinds, including the atomic table of mostly stable atoms) and there will always be the dynamic (the synergy of living systems, those that want to change the rules)…then we might see this as a battle, rather than a dance we might be able to do with relative compassion.  A balancing within the larger dance of Life. 


As can happen in gardening….a Co-Creation-Between & Within the Larger Dance of Life.  Responding to weather, to place, to time, to moon, to our own energies, to others.  Responding within the patterns, within the spontaneities

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